seeds of Diospyrus rhombifolia, chinese persimmon

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Diospyrus rhombifolia Samen
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Diospyrus rhombifolia is a cultivar that has its origins in China. The areas where the growth of the plant is most endemic include Fujian, Jiangxi, Anhui, Zhejiang and Jiangsu. The plant is commonly known through several names. The most popular common names include Chinese persimmon, Princess persimmon and Diamond leaf persimmon. The plant is cultivated mostly in China and its neighbouring countries including Japan and South Korea. The cultivation has also spread to several countries in Europe and North America. Diospyrus rhombifolia has both male and female flowers which grow on the same plant. Both flowers are urn-shaped and have a 4 lobed calyx but the female flower is bigger. The leaves have a deep green colour and are slightly glossy. Trees can grow to a height of 8 metres. The branchlets are typically pubescent and have thorns at their tips. The fruit is berry-like, red in colour and have a diameter of 2 cm. The fruit is also shiny, juicy and smooth. The fruit can be picked before it’s ripe and persimmon lacquer derived from it. The lacquer can then be used to waterproof oilcloths, fishing nets and many other materials. The main reason, however, for the cultivation of Diospyrus rhombifolia is for its attributes as an ornamental plant. The lush foliage coupled with the beautiful flowers can lend an aesthetic appeal to a given landscape. The plant can also be used as a rootstock for other species belonging to the genus Diospyrus. Diospyrus rhombifolia is grown from cuttings which will grow into healthy plants if cultivated under conducive conditions. One will have to choose from the available hardwood, woody stem, semi-hardwood and softwood cuttings. Both male and female plants will be able to bear fruit given the plant is dioecious. The plant will be able to bear fruit after several years.
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