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Ephedra viridis seeds


Ephedra viridis is an indigenous species of genus Ephedra. It belongs to the family of Ephedraceae. Common names include green Mormon tea, Indian tea, green ephedra, and join-fir. The origin can be traced to the western United States where it belongs to woodland, desert and shrub variety. Green Mormon tea is found extensively in great basin region, west of Colorado, and northwestern New Mexico.

Ephedra viridis shrubs erect 0.5 to 1 meters. It is hardy to United Kingdom zones. Leaves are produced throughout the year while flowers are produced between April and May. The species produces separate male and female reproductive systems; however, flowers are either female or male. During sowing, both female and male plants must be grown. Mormon tea plant thrives well in sandy and loamy soils. Soil that allows water to percolate through is more suitable for better results. Suitable soil PH range is 4.5 -5.5. The plant also does well in neutral and basic soils. It prefers moist soil and can maintain its biomass production during arid conditions.

Fruits are consumed locally when raw; it is enriched with a sweet flavour. Seeds obtained during harvest can be cooked ready for consumption. The bitter flavour is roasted and ground into dry particles which are then used to make bread. Moreover, the flavour is said to be improved if stems are thoroughly roasted first.

Traditionally, the plant has had a good reputation as a cure for syphilis. A strong boiled substance from the stem are drunk or applied to sores. Stems contain a strong substance that converts toxins, harmful metals into a harmless substance such as blood purification and water pills. Infusion is used in treating anemia, rheumatism, stomach ulcers and other disorders such as kidney failures. Dried stems and powdered stems are applied on sores and burns. Moreover, members of this species contain alkaloid ephedrine, used in the treatment of asthma and other respiratory system problems. However, ephedra does not cure asthma, but it is effective in the treatment of symptoms. Fresh and dry stems are applied and made into tea. Young stems are eaten raw; older stems can be used in tea making. Stems are harvested at any time within the year, dried appropriately for later use.

Ephedra viridis plants are not hardy in Britain; they thrive well in cold greenhouses but performs poorly outdoors, especially under cool and wet conditions. 



Growing from seeds:

best is to use cactii soil. Ephedra needs light to germinate. Sprinkle seeds on surface of your soil and gently press them onto it. Do not cover them!

keep moist, but not to much, and at a bright and warm place. Moisture and temperature could be best obtained by covering the pot with kitchen foil but ventilate them every day, stagnant moisture often causes problems. Germination usually starts after 3-6 weeks depending on temperature

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