seeds of Erythrina amazonica, Amazon Coral Tree

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Erythrina amazonica is a plant species of the genus Erythrina and the family Fabaceae. The plant’s more common name is the Amazon coral tree. Erythrina amazonica has its origins in tropical South America (Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and, Colombia). The plant’s current distribution is most prevalent in the tropical and subtropical world regions. Erythrina amazonica can grow to a height of 7 metres. The plant’s flowers are pink with the young flowers among them having white tips. Flowers make an appearance before the leaves. The consequence of this phenomenon is that the leaves only manage to achieve minor developments at the point when the flowers are in full bloom. The flowers have long petals and produce plenty of nectar to attract insects to aid pollination. Erythrina amazonica is notable for its ornamental properties. The plant’s bright pink blooms make for a picturesque addition to any landscape. One can, therefore, expect to find the plant growing in parks, front yards and gardens. What’s more, the flowers attract bees and butterflies which has the effect of enhancing the beauty of a landscape. The tree is also useful as a provider of shade for plants that could do with a minimising of the sun’s scorching effects. Examples of such crops include coffee and cocoa. One can also use the tree as a frame for climbing vines. The tree’s root tubers have historically been a source of food for the Amazon’s indigenous tribes. Erythrina amazonica grows best in well-drained soils that have a pH that’s neither too acidic nor too basic. The soils should also preferably be moist and rich in organic nutrients. The sunny conditions characteristic of the tropics are ideal for the tree’s growth. The plant is hardy to a significant degree given it can withstand cold conditions to a low of -1.1 ˚C.
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