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Fockea edulis, also known as Chymocormus edulis or Fockea cylindrical, is a plant species of the family Apocynaceae. The plant is native to South Africa and Namibia where it’s locally known as Hottentot bread. Fockea edulis is known in Afrikaans as Kambroo, Bergbaroe or Bergkambroo. The Hottentots, on the other hand, call it !Kuu. The plant grows faster in the wild where the caudex can achieve a girth of up to 60 cm. Not only is Fockea edulis semi-deciduous, it’s also a perennial plant with twisted roots that are grey in colour. The vines, which can reach a length of 4 metres, twine around any object that can provide support. Leaves are oblong-shaped and green. Fockea edulis has both female and male plants due to the fact that it’s dioecious. Plants of both sexes would, therefore, have to be present for fertilization to take place. Flowers are white in colour and are inscribed inside a much larger calyx. The flowers have a faint fragrance and whitish-green colour that is bright enough to draw fruit flies which help with pollination. Fertilization results in pods that have a greyish-green colour The reason why Fockea edulis is called Hottentot bread is due to the sweetness present in the edible roots. The roots were a common delicacy for the Hottentots who used to gather the roots from wild-growing plants. It should be mentioned, however, that many parts of the Fockea edulis are harmful when ingested and one should desist from eating any part of it. The foliage and flowers of the plant are beautiful and could be used for ornamental purposes. Fockea edulis is a durable plant without many necessities. It requires little fertilizer and just enough water to prevent it from shrivelling. One should be careful not to overwater the plant given it could lead to rotting of the roots.
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