Fragaria vesca "Regina" Wild Strawberry seeds, large fruits

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Fragaria vesca Regina Strawberry seeds



Fragaria vesca is a very rampant variety of strawberries, also known as Regina, wild strawberry. The plant synonyms include Fragaria ananassa, Fragaria moschata and Fragaria viridis. Wild strawberry belongs to plant species in the genus Fragaria, and it develops precipitously all through Europe, North America and North Asia. Wild strawberry pictures were normally displayed in medieval paintings.


Wild Strawberry 'Regina' is exceptionally prolific with the plants becoming thickly stuffed together. Its fruits are outstandingly huge, tasty and aromatic; they develop around twice as large as the most widely recognised wild strawberries. The plant fruits can be eaten raw, yet they can likewise be utilised to make fruit products, just as utilised as an expansion to plates of mixed greens and pudding. Fragaria vesca blossoms in the same year since the seeds have been sown and after that every year from June as far as possible to the end of September.


When Fragaria vesca is planted, the seeds are sowed in grower boxes or bed grower from March to April. The seeds develop in 14 to 20 days at 16-20°C. Plant out into the dirt in 40-50cm spacing from the spring to the harvest time; plant out just the seedlings which have effectively created 4 to 6 leaves. This species requires marginally acidic medium thick soils. The plants should be secured for the winter.


Fragaria vesca leaves are incorporated as a feature of several multi-segment arrangements showcased as sustenance. Supplements in the EU are often used to relieve intense diarrhoea, as well as a diuretic and to improve digestion. Wild strawberry leaves are also utilised as a home grown tea for the treatment of mild diarrhoea, as alleged "stomach tea and antiphlebitis tea and to advance pee flushing. When the leaves are young, they utilised as a natural tea in the nourishment area. Furthermore, Fragaria vesca was traditionally used in the treatment of nephrolithiasis, gout, nerve bladder stones and frailty. A decoction of the leaves of strawberries is a famous diuretic. Tannins present in the leaves may induce an astringent impact on the gastrointestinal and oral mucosa and have an antibacterial effect. 


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