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Fritillaria cirrhosa Samen
Fritillaria cirrhosa is a herbaceous plant species that are indigenous to India, China and Myanmar. Fritillaria cirrhosa can also be called Baimo cirrhosa, Fritillaria duilongdeqingensis or Fritillaria gulielmiwaldemarii. The more common name for the herb, however, is Yellow Himalayan fritillary. Fritillaria cirrhosa grows to a height of 60 metres and, more often than not, has a flower or two at the apex of the stem. The leaves are 13 cm long, lanceolate and narrow. The colour of the bell-shaped flowers ranges from greenish-yellow to purplish-brown. It is not uncommon to spot a purple chequered pattern on the flowers. The plant is insect-pollinated and has both male and female flowers, i.e., it is a hermaphrodite. The vast majority of Fritillaria cirrhosa are located on the slopes of the Himalayas Mountains. The places in question being the shrublands and the alpine sections that can be found at an altitude of between 3200 and 4600 metres. Fritillaria cirrhosa is extensively harvested to be used in the creation of traditional medicine. The harvesting is so rampant that the plant is slowly approaching extinction. The bulb is edible and can be cooked as a vegetable. Fritillaria cirrhosa prefers soils that are either moderately loamy or slightly sandy. The soils should ideally be moist, well drained and have a pH that is neutral, slightly acidic or slightly alkaline. Great care must be taken to ensure that the soils never dry out given that could affect the plant’s growth. The plant should also be protected from frost which could be fatal to the plant especially when it’s young. One could protect the plants by potting the seedlings and growing them indoors or in a greenhouse until summer arrives. Transplantation can then be done afterward. Fritillaria cirrhosa grows best in partially shaded locations but is capable in growing in fully shaded locations as well.
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