Fuchsia boliviana Samen, Bolivian Fuchsia

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Fuchsia boliviana var alba seeds

Fuchsia boliviana belongs to the family of the Onagraceae. It is native, as the name already
says, to Bolivia. In Europe the plant is cultivated mostly in glasshouses where it is used as an
ornamental plant. In the tropics the plant occurs in the cooler rainforests. F. boliviana is not
tolerant to frost. F. boliviana reaches a height of 2 to 6 m. The leaves are simple, elliptic and
can get up to 30 cm long. The venation is clearly visible. The petiole is reddish.
The flowers are hermaphrodite and look like a trumpet. They get 20 cm long. The flower of F.
boliviana is light red, purpur red or dark red. The flowers stand in inflorescences of about 20
flowers. The flowers can be pollinated by birds or bees.
Fuchsia boliviana alba is a form of Fuchsia boliviana that has white flowers that are red at
the tip.
The fruits are first green and get violet to black when they are ripe. In the tropics the fruits are
eaten. They taste like Kiwi but are not as sweet.

Fuchsia boliviana germinates with light. That means the seeds should be only covered
slightly with substrate. The seeds in the substrate should be placed sunny. The substrate has to
be kept moist at a temperature of 20 °C then germination occurs after 4 to 8 weeks.
The adult plant should be placed shady or semi shady.

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