Gaultheria hispida copperleaf snowberry seeds

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Gaultheria hispida
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Gaultheria hispida copperleaf snowberry seeds


Gaultheria hispida is also referred to as the copperleaf snowberry and the plant’s synonym is Brossaea hispida. Gaultheria hispida is a shrub species belonging to the genus Gaultheria and the family Ericaceae. The plant has its origins in the Tasmania region of Australia. The plant’s distribution stretches from Australia into New Zealand and also extends to both North America and South America.

Gaultheria hispida can grow to a height of 2 metres. The plant’s leaves are dark green with a tinge of copper on the margins. Each leaf is shiny, has a serrated margin, and grows to length that varies between 4 and 9 cm. Flowers are white, urn-shaped, and grow in clusters that are supported by a red stem. The plant’s fruits take the form of reddish capsules that have a width of 8 to 10 mm.

Gaultheria hispida produces edible fruits that can either be eaten raw or cooked. The fruits reportedly taste like gooseberries after being cooked. The fruits are also used in the making of jellies and tea. The plant is valued for its alleged anti-cancer properties with remedies being made to combat the disease. It must be mentioned, however, that one would be better off seeking the consultation of a doctor before ingesting such a medicine.

Gaultheria hispida mostly grows in alpine woodlands and wet forests. The largest numbers of the shrub grow in moist, cool mountainous and alpine regions that lie at altitudes of 250 to 1100 meters. The plant grows best in areas that have moist, fertile loam soils with excellent drainage. The soils should also be preferably rich in humus and free of lime. A notable quality of the plant is that it’s resistant to honey fungus. Gaultheria hispida also prefers to grow under semi-shade or shade. The plant is propagated via seeds and cuttings.

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