100+ seeds Gentiana acaulis, Stemless Gentian, Alpine Gentian, Trumpet Gentian

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Seeds of Gentiana acaulis

Gentiana acaulis, Stemless gentian or Alpine Gentian is a central European species which grows naturally in acidic soils but will tolerate mildly alkaline conditions too. It is best grown in an exposed position in full sun, firmly planted in soil that does not dry out completely. Additional watering may be necessary during dry periods. In less exposed situations, the mat of leaves can become loose and the stems elongate. The stem of Gentiana acaulis is very short at first but can reach 15 cm long by the time the seeds are ripe.

Growing from seed:


These seeds need a stratification first, meaning that they have to be treated with cold for several weeks. This can easily be done by planting them directly into your garden at autumn and then they'll start to germinate in spring.


Second option is just simulating the winter season by putting seeds, together with some soil, into the fridge for about 4-6 weeks.

Third option is a treatment with GA3 (Gibberellic acid) for about 6 hours. Then they can be planted directly. Instructions for GA3 usage can be found in the item description of this phytohormone right here in my store.

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