Phytohormon GA3, Gibberellic acid

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Gibberellic acid

Gibberellic Acid-3 (GA-3) is a naturally occurring plant growth regulator which may cause a variety of effects including the stimulation of seed germination in some cases. GA-3 occurs naturally in the seeds of many species.

Presoaking seeds in GA-3 solution will in many cases cause the rapid germination of many types of highly dormant seeds which would otherwise need cold treatment, after-ripening or ageing, or other prolonged pretreatments.




take 0.1g of GA3 powder and dissolve in about 5ml of 70% rubbing alcohol. After it is dissolved just add this solution to 95ml of water. Now let stand for about 2 hours.

The solution you just prepared is 100ml of a 0.1% solution of GA3.

You dont need much of this solution for soaking your seeds. Just take a filterpaper put your seeds into it, put seeds and filterpaper into a polybag and moisten the paper and let seeds soak for 12-24 hours.

You don't need much of the solution to soak your seeds, just enough for the seeds to fully swell. Most seeds can be soaked in the small poly-bags. Tiny seeds should be folded up in a filter paper for ease of handling when soaking. Larger seeds can be soaked in a pill bottle or small jar. - See more at:

Solutions of GA-3 are said to break down with time or exposure to sunlight, so store it in a dark place. Kept in the dark it stores for years. We have tested solution stored at room temperature for 4 years and found it fully active.:


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