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Gloriosa rothschildiana, also known as the flame lily, is a plant species that belongs to the family Colchicaceae. The plant’s synonyms include Gloriosa superba, Gloriosa simplex, and Gloriosa virescens. Other common plant names include climbing lily, glory lily, tiger claw, fire lily, creeping lily, and gloriosa lily. The plant has its origins in Asia and Southern Africa and currently grows in several continents. Gloriosa rothschildiana is a climber that can extend to a height of 4 metres. Leaves are mostly alternately arranged, lance-shaped and have a length of 13 to 20 cm. The colour of the flower tepals hovers between red and orange with the base maintaining a yellow colour. Each tepal has a length of 5 to 7.6 cm. Fruits take the form of capsules. Each capsule has red seeds and a length of 6 to 12 cm. The plant has historically been a source of herbal remedies amongst many indigenous communities. Such remedies aid in the treatment of snakebites, smallpox, haemorrhoids, kidney problems, gout, impotence, leprosy, wounds, ulcers et al. An additional use of the plant lies in its use as an ornamental. The orange-red flowers coupled with the lush foliage enhances the aesthetics of various settings. One should, therefore, expect to find it growing in parks, gardens, fences, front yards, pillars, and trellises. Growing the plant on the fence allows the vine to spread out which has the additional advantage of providing an excellent cover. The high demand for herbal remedies in Asia is reducing the plant’s numbers to the point of endangerment. Conversely, the plant’s prosperity in Australia is making the plant more and more of an invasive species. The plant’s propagation is viable through both divided rhizomes and seeds. Gloriosa rothschildiana mostly grows in thickets, tropical jungles, dunes, and woodlands. The plant matures 170 to 180 days after sowing.
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