50 seeds of licorice, liquorice, Glycyrrhiza glabra

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Glycyrrhiza glabra, Licorice seeds


Glycyrrhiza glabra is a herbaceous perennial legume commonly referred to as Licorice. The synonyms of Glycyrrhiza glabra are Glycyrrhiza brachycarpa Boiss, Glycyrrhiza glandulifera Waaldst. & Kit, Glycyrrhiza violacea Boiss, Glycyrrhiza pallid Boiss and Glycyrrhiza hirsute Pall. It belongs to the family Fabaceae, genus Glycyrrhiza and species glabra. The common names are licorice root, sweet root, gan cao, gan-zao, liquorice and Chinese licorice. Its native land is native to southern Asia and has spread to the Middle East, southern Europe and England. It has also been grown in the USA and other parts of the world.
Glycyrrhiza glabra grows well in a sunny environment and in soil with good drainage. It requires soils that are rich in humus and does not need fertilizer. The plant need a regular supply of water and is harvested after three years.

Glycyrrhiza glabla grows up to 1m high. It is a perennial legume and has a sweet flavour. It grows to a height of 1m. Has pinnate leaves which measure 7cm to 15cm. The leaves have 9 to 17 leaflets. Produce flowers that vary in colour from purple to pale whitish blue which grow in a loose inflorescence. They produce flowers that are 7 to 10 cm long. The fruit has many seeds and measures 2cm to 3 cm in length. The plant has stoloniferous roots which are approximately 1m long and 1 cm wide. The roots are soft and fibrous. The inner part of the root is bright yellow and has a substance called glycyrrhizin that gives it its sweetness.

Licorice has both economic and health benefits. The part of the plant that is used in glycyrrhiza glabla is the root only. It is used to make licorice tea, which hasgood taste. Liquorice flavours are used in the manufacture of sweet and candies as a sweetener. It is also used in other foods as a sweetener. Extracts from liquorice have been used as herbal and traditional medicine. If pure glycyrrhizic acid is consumed in a large amount that is more than 2mg per kg per day, it may be dangerous with symptoms such as muscle weakness, increased blood pressure and hypokalemia. Many substances have been identified that have the potential to heal. When taking the medication, one needs to consult a medical doctor before taking licorice root. It is also not advisable for pregnant women to take licorice as a supplement.



let seeds soak with water for at least 24 hours then plant about 0,5cm deep into soil mixed with about 30% of sand. keep at a temperature of about 25°C

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amount of seeds 50 pieces
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