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Griffonia simplicifolia is a shrub species that belongs to the genus Griffonia and the family Fabaceae. The plant’s synonyms include Bandeiraea simplicifolia and Schotia simplicifolia. The plant has its origins in West and Central Africa. The plant’s current distribution stretches from Liberia to Nigeria all the way to the Congo basin. Griffonia simplicifolia is an evergreen woody shrub that can grow to a height of 3 metres. The plant has woody tendrils and greenish flowers that bear black pods. The plant mostly grows in forests, coastal plains, and the savannah. The plant’s leaves are among the ingredients used in the making of palm wine with their contribution being an infusion of a bitter taste. The plant stem releases a harmless sap that one can drink in case he/she is thirsty. The plant also has a variety of pharmacological uses. The plant seeds contain hydroxytroptophan which is used in the manufacture of drugs that combat depression, insomnia, chronic headaches, and obesity. The bark is the source of medication for sores brought about by syphilis while the bark (in powder form) assists in relieving intercostal pain. The leaves, on the other hand, are useful in the treatment of coughs and also provide emetics and aphrodisiacs. The sap is the source of a remedy for inflamed eyes while the leaves provide medication for burns, constipation and are used in the making of a natural antiseptic. An extract from the plant’s roots is used in the treatment of sickle-cell anaemia. The plant leaves are effective in the killing of lice in chicken pens. An additional use of the leaves is as a source for black dye. The stems are used in the making of cages, baskets and chewing sponges whose function is to clean teeth. The wood and the pods are used in the making of walking sticks and toy whistles respectively.
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