seeds of Ipomoea Nil-Chocolate Japanese Morning Glory

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Ipomoea nil-Chocolate is a cultivar of the species Ipomoea nil that belongs to the family Convolvulaceae. The plant also has a number of synonyms including Convolvulus hederaceus, Pharbitis nil and Ipomoea scabra. Ipomoea nil-Chocolate is native to China where it grew in the wild for years before being introduced to Japan by way of Korea. It was in Japan that this cultivar along with others in the same species became popular. Widespread cultivation of Ipomoea nil-Chocolate began then and has been happening ever since. The cultivar is grown all over the world especially in the tropical regions. Ipomoea nil-Chocolate is an herbaceous climber which grows fast producing many leaves and flowers. The plant can achieve a length of between 120cm and 180 cm. The leaves have three points and can grow to a length of between 3 and 8 cm. Flowers are funnel-shaped, chocolate-coloured and have a width of 15 cm. Ipomoea nil-Chocolate is an inexhaustible producer of flowers and will continually do so daily throughout the summer and into the fall season. Ipomoea nil-Chocolate is cultivated for its ornamental value which can be observed in its leaves and flowers. The plant also serves a different utilitarian version in being a suitable cover for fences due to its opulent foliage. Moreover, the plant’s large flowers attract butterflies which end up increasing its ornamental effect on its immediate surroundings. Places that the climber could be introduced to include railings, pillars, the front yard, gardens et al. Ipomoea nil-Chocolate has very specific needs with regard to the conditions that are conducive for its growth. Plenty of sunshine is a must if the plant is to grow and flower quickly. Frost can prove fatal to the plant and one should arrange for the planting of the seeds to coincide with summer. The soils should ideally be moist, have good drainage and be fertile. Ipomoea nil-Chocolate is an annual and therefore won’t outlast a single growth season.
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