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seeds of Ipomoea nil Scarlett O'Hara

Ipomoea nil scarlett o hara is a decorative plant grown in various places across the world. It is referred by other names such as ivy morning glory, picoted morning glory and Japanese morning glory. This ivy morning glory goes by synonyms like ipomoa githaqinea, pharbitis nil, ipomea scabra and convolvus hederaceus. The plant belongs to a family of Convolvulaceae and Ipomoea genus. Information about the Ipomoea nil scarlett o hara origin remains unclear but it was majorly found in most tropical areas. It has since been introduced to other parts across the globe.

Ipomoea nil scarlett o hara is unbelievably eye-catching species of morning glory, the plant is a beautiful annual woody, stemmed and grows up to 8 to 10 ft. tall by 3 to 6 ft. wide. It has bright green, heart-shaped leaves. The flowers are trumpet-shaped, large in size, silky with white throats. The flowers usually open in the morning showing its white throats and close in the afternoon. The flowers measure about 10cm wide and 15 cm long. The plant produces flowers on daily basis and it blooms thoroughly from early summer to its fall. Ipomoea nil scarlett o hara requires support to grow and mostly hides in fences, scramble through arbors or climb walls. Its condition for growth is full sun all day, well drained soils with moisture.

Ipomoa nil scarlett o hara are mostly used as an ornament and they are sold as flowers.

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