Ipomoea noctiflora white Moonflower seeds

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Ipomoea noctiflora Samen, Weiße Mondblume
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Ipomoea noctiflora 

Ipomoea noctiflora is a night species plant of blooming morning glory. This species also goes by other names including moon vine and moon flower. The plant synonyms are Ipomoea longiflora and Ipomoea grandiflora roxb. Ipomoea noctiflora belongs to Convolvulacea family and Ipomoea genus. The origins of this species can be traced back to tropical and subtropical regions of earth’s western hemi spire from northern Argentina to Mexico and Florida.

Ipomoea noctiflora is an enduring herbaceous plant which grows up to a height of 5-30 m tall with twining stems. The name moonflower is derived from its flowering during the night and closing in the morning as well as its round shaped like a full moon. The moon vine leaves are three-lobed or entire sometimes with 5-15 cm long in diameter and its stem is about 5-20 cm long. It has morning glory like flowers, have fragrant, 4-6 inch, white or pink in colour and 8-14 cm in diameter. The flower production is best at poor dry soils in full sun. It mostly occurs in hot sides; therefore, sunny location is good for faster growth.

Ipomoea notiflora can be useful in various ways. For instance, during Mesoamerican civilizations, the plants were very important as it was used to convert latex from the castilla elastica to be used in bouncing rubber balls production. Ipomoea notiflora is also believed to contain useful sulfur which is essential in cross-linking of rubber; a process which was named vulcanization. Furthermore, the ipomoea notiflora plant is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant due to its colourful flowers.

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