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Jacaranda mimosifolia, simply known as Jacaranda, is a tree species of the family Bignoniaceae. The plant’s synonyms include Jacaranda chelonia and Jacaranda ovalifolia. Other names for the tree include black poui, blue jacaranda, and the fern tree. Jacaranda mimosifolia is indigenous to the sub-tropical regions of South America. The tree currently grows in all frost-free areas of the world. Jacaranda mimosifolia can reach a maximum height of 20 metres. The bark is greyish-brown, scaly and not particularly thick. The tree’s blue flowers grow in panicles and have a length of 5 cm. Leaves are bipinnate and can grow to a length of 45 cm. Each leaf comprises a number of leaflets that have a length of 1 cm or slightly more. The woody seedpods have a width of 5.1 to 7.6 cm and contain winged seeds. Jacaranda mimosifolia is the source of a unique wood-type that’s soft, knot-free, straight grained and one that dries easily. Such qualities make jacaranda wood perfect for bowl curving as well as turnery. Jacaranda is also one of the most popular ornamentals in the world. The tree is famed for its beautiful flowers that envelop the tree in lavender blue. One can, therefore, find the Jacaranda growing in many parks and gardens. The tree also has an unmistakable presence in many city streets which hints at its ability to cope with the harsh conditions of many urban areas. A water extract from the tree is the subject of interest in medicinal circles. This attention derives from the water’s antimicrobial properties which are effective against Escherichia coli and Bacillus cereus. Jacaranda mimosifolia spreads fast and left unchecked, could quickly become invasive as witnessed in Pretoria, South Africa. While the tree remains susceptible to the effects of frost, mature trees can tolerate decreasing temperatures up to -7 ˚C.
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