seeds of Laurus nobilis, Bay Laurel, Sweet bay

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Laurus nobilis Samen
Laurus nobilis, or as it is commonly called, Bay Laurel or Sweet bay, is an aromatic tree/shrub that belongs to the family Luaraceae. Other common names for the plant include Grecian laurel, True laurel or simply Bay or Laurel. Laurus nobilis has its origins in the Mediterranean but has spread to many parts of the world that have suitable weather and soil conditions. Not all plants called ‘Bay’ or ‘Laurel,’ are related to Laurus nobilis. More often than not, they share the aromatic attributes of the one true Laurel. Laurus nobilis can grow to a height of 7 to 18 metres. The flowers grow in pairs with a leaf nearby and have a yellowish-green colour. Laurus nobilis is a dioecious plant, i.e., it has both male and female flowers on separate plants. Each of these flowers has a diameter of 1 cm. The leaves have a smooth surface and an un-toothed margin. Each leaf has a length of 6 to 12 cm and a width of 2 to 4 cm. Pollination results in small, black, berrylike fruits with a length of 1 cm. Laurus nobilis has a strong presence in Italian cuisine where its aromatic leaves are used to make sauces. The plant also has a bigger presence in the larger Mediterranean region where it provides several herbs and a single spice. In scenarios where people add the leaves of the plant have to food, it is highly likely that they will remove the leaves once the food is ready. The leaves, therefore, primarily provide flavour and aroma and are only eaten when used as a garnish. Laurus nobilis is usually an ornamental plant in oceanic climates and the Mediterranean. The tree/shrub, however, takes several years to grow and thus, and patience will be required. Once grown, Laurus nobilis can be used for hedges or as individual plants with a stylized crown.
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