seeds of Leonurus cardiaca, Motherwort

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Leonurus cardiaca Samen
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Leonurus cardiaca, also called Motherwort, is a herbaceous plant specious of the family Lamiaceae. The plant has several synonyms including Cardiaca crispa (Murray) Moench, Cadiaca glabra Gilib., and Cardiaca stachys Medik. Leonurus cardiaca is indigenous to South-eastern Europe and Central Asia. The plant has now been naturalized all over the world owing to its medicinal qualities. Leonurus cardiac found so much success growing in the United States that it was declared an invasive plant species. The plant’s stem is hairy and square-shaped with a distinct purple colouration that has a high concentration on the nodes. The leaves at the base of the plant are wedge-shaped and have 3 points compared to the upper leaves which have five. Flowers are located at the upper part of the plant and have an irregular corolla. Each flower has three-lobed bracts and bell-shaped calyx with five lobes. Leonurus cardiac is a hermaphrodite and thus, has both male and female organs. The flowers of Leonurus cardiac can be dried and used to flavour tea, beer, and soup. While there is some value in providing a condiment, one can cultivate the plant due to its medicinal properties. The herbal remedies drawn from Leonurus cardiac have been found to have several effects that contribute to wellness. Many people use the plant as an antispasmodic, a sedative, an anti-flatulence agent, a diaphoretic, a tonic and in some cases, a birthing aid. Leonurus cardiaca may provide such remedies, but you would be safer consulting a doctor first. One can also gather the leaves and extract an olive-green dye from them. Leonurus cardiac grows best in the shade where the heat from the sun isn’t as hostile. The plant also grows best in moist, fertile soils with good drainage. The plant, however, doesn’t have many requirements. All it needs is a place with decent weather and soil conditions and it will self-sow.
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