Leonurus sibiricus, Siberian motherwort, Marihuanilla, Honeyweed

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Leonurus sibiricus, Honeyweed, Siberian motherwort seeds


Leonurus sibiricus, Siberian motherwort or Marihuanilla species is from Lamiaceae family. The plant’s common name is honeyweed. Its synonyms are Lamium sibiricum (L.) Cordem, Leonurus manshuricus Y.Yabe and Leonurus manshuricus. Honeyweed is a biennial plant that grows upright to a height of about 70cm tall. The plant is native to China, Siberia and Mongolia. The plant is currently common in the Brazil coastal regions. The plant can slightly withstand harsh weather conditions.

Honeyweed has a single stem. The evergreen leaves of the plant grow from the stem and have long leafstalk. The leaves are ovate-cordate in shape. The flowers bored by the plant are reddish violet in colour having the upper lip oblong. After flowering is done, numerous outlets that are oblong in shape and brown are produced. The flowers develop into a long attractive inflorescence. The lower leaves of the plant are deciduous and often falls when the plant starts to blossom. The plant blossoms in July to September. The flowers are produced in several verticillate in whorls that surround the top half of the stem. The plant is, however considered as a weed by many gardeners because they readily grow informs.

The Leonurus sibiricus plant has both the female and male organs. It, therefore, has self-fertilisation through pollination enabled by the insects or wind pollination. The attractive flower of the plant produces nectar that invites the insects.

Siberian motherwort is an ancient plant for the Chinese. It was traditionally used as a herb to cure some illness. The herbs were used to solve female menstruation issues, prevent excess clotting and help in circulation. The seeds, leaves and fruits of the plant are still valued for their medicinal purposes. The leaves of the plant are alcohol soluble and applied externally to treat arthritis or rheumatism. The roots of the plant are boiled and consumed as tea to help in menstrual problems. The herbs are also used to treat loss of potency in male. The plant is currently popular as a smoking herb and is used as tea by several cultures to help them get to sleep comfortably in hot summer nights. The leaves of the plant area good browse to both domestic and wild animals.

Leonurus sibiricus was traditionally used for offering and devotional rites by the Chinese, mostly called pujas, of Hindus in Assam. The Mexicans used the plant for folk magic to make the groom to come back. 

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