seeds of Lophophora diffusa, False Peyote

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Lophophora diffusa Samen

Lophophora diffusa, also called False peyote, is a plant species of the family Cactaceae. Lophophora diffusa is also one of the duo of plants that make up the genus Lophophora. Synonyms include Lophophora echinata Croizat, Lophophora echinata var. diffusa and Lophophora ziegleri Werdermann. The plant is native to Queretaro, a state in Mexico. The distribution of Lophophora diffusa is in a 300 Square-Kilometre stretch of land. Most of the growth takes place in the valley between Toliman, Vizarron and Bucareli. Lophophora diffusa is yellowish-green colour and has furrows and ribs that lack proper definition. The podaria are flat and broad and have and an uneven distribution of hair over their surfaces. Flowers have either yellowish-white or white colour and have a diameter of 1.5 to 3 cm. The height and width of the stem rarely exceed 7cm and 12 cm respectively. Unlike Lophophora williamsii (True peyote), Lophophora diffusa has either trace or zero amounts of mescaline. Nevertheless, the plant has plenty of alkaloids primarily pellotine which has slight narcotic effects.

There have been concerns raised regarding Lophophora diffusa joining the list of endangered plant species. The reason being that most of the world’s population is in a single stretch of land where illegal harvesting can take place. The plant takes many years to grow and increased harvesting could lead to a sharp decline in numbers. Lophophora diffusa has historically been used by indigenous for medicinal purposes; a practice that continues to the present day. The plant is also in danger from illegal collectors who wish to obtain pellotine from the plant or use it as an ornamental. Lophophora diffusa prefers a little shade during the summer and direct sunshine throughout the year. One should be careful not to overwater given that could lead to the roots rotting. In addition to reducing the water provided, one could also improve the soil’s drainage.

Sowing is equal to Lophophora williamsii seeds

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