Lycopersicon Cheesmanii, Wild Galapagos tomato

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Rare Galapagos tomato seeds, Lycopersicon cheesmanii


Lycopersicon cheesmanii is an annual bushy plant with tomato growth habit. It is referred by a local common name, Galapagos tomato. Scientifically, the plant has since been changed to Solanum cheesmaniae to accommodate both groupings of tomatoes vines of solanum genus. The plant originates from the famous Galapagos Islands.

Solanum cheesmaniae is a durable herbaceous plant that erects when young and lay when it ages. Its stems are greyish, woody at the base and can be around 8-15 millimeters. The plant can grow up to 1 meter tall. The leaves reach a similar diameter and only seen on rocky sites. The Galapagos tomato varies in breeds basing on the four-pinnate leaves and growing habits. The plant’s fruits appear all year once it matures but it is numerous from September to October. The seeds readily germinate but germination time is almost three weeks.

Lycopersicon cheesmanii has diverse uses; for example, its fruits have a nice flavor and can be eaten. The plants can be used by tomato breeders to confer them into the desired tomato species.

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