seeds of Matricaria recutita/Chamomilla, German Chamomile

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German chamomile seeds Matricaria recutita



Fragaria vesca the yellow cream type is a perennial plant also known as Berry, Alpine Yellow Wonder, Wild strawberry and Woodland strawberry. The plant belongs to a rose family of Rosaceae and Fragaria genus. There is no known original habitat to this species, but they are mainly found throughout the northern hemisphere. The normal environment is along trails and roadsides, banks, slopes, stone-and rock laid ways and meadows, young forest, forest edges, and clearings. Regularly, the plant can be discovered where they don't get adequate light but also does well in open areas.

Fragaria vesca portrays similar characteristics to the Regina type for instance; it has five to eleven soft, shaggy white blossoms which are borne on a green, soft furry 3–15 centimetres (1.2–5.9 in) stalk that normally lifts them over the leaves. The light-green leaves are trifoliate (in threes) with toothed edges. The plant spreads by methods for sprinters.

The plant can also offer a variety of uses; for instance; the leaves are incorporated into mixed herb teas. The fruits can be eaten raw or added to summer drinks and made into jams, sweets, juice, syrup and wine. Strawberries are wealthy in gelatin, fibre, vitamin A, B, C, E, potassium, calcium, iron, and phosphorus and antioxidants. The plant is also known to be an appetite stimulant, astringent, antimicrobial, hostile to oxidant and calming. The leaves and the fruits are viewed as a purging diuretic for urinary tract issue, stiffness, gout and joint pain.



Growing from seeds:

seeds need light to germinate. Just sprinkle the seeds on moist sowing compost and gently press them onto it. Do not cover them!

The soil should be powdered because seeds are really small. Germination starts within 1 week.

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