Merremia tuberosa, Große Hawaiianische Holzrose

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Merremia tuberosa woodrose seeds


Merremia tuberosa is a vine plant belonging to Convolvulaceae family and genus Merremia. The plant has common names such as Hawaiian wood rose, Spanish arborvine, Spanish woodbine and yellow morning-glory. It is also referred by synonyms such as Batatas tuberosa (L.) Bojer, Convolvulus tuberosus, Convolvulus kentrocaulos Steud. ex Choisy, Convolvulus gossypiifolius Kunth and Convolvulus macrocarpus Spreng. This plant grows in soils that have good drainage and it prefers high levels to get sunlight. The plant often grows so long provided there are other trees to support it.

Hawaiian wood rose is a long plant that grows from an underground tuber, is vine-like and often climbs on other trees. It has circular and simple leaves that are averagely 8 cm in height and width. The leaves are also divided in about 8 lobes and are always green. The stem of this plant is woody, glabrous and twining. The flowers of this plant appear to be in a cluster upon full bloom. The flowers close in cloudy weather and when there is darkness. The petal of this plant is about 5 cm long and it has corolla that is encircled by sepals in the plant’s bud. The sepals of this plant are light and in several layers with the two outer layers longer than the inner layers. The plant also has a crescent calyx. The root of this plant is tuberous. Fruits produced by Merremia tuberosa plant are globose with a diameter of about 4cm and is supported by the sepals. The fruits are mostly produced in early winter.

Merremia tuberosa is hermaphrodite; it has both the female and male organs and is pollinated by the insect. The plant has self-fertilisation to reproduce. The seed is then produced, which is intern germinates to grow to another plant.

Merremia tuberosa is popularly grown for its ornaments and flowers often used by the florists. The root of this plant is also considered to be medicinal. It can be grated and consumed as medicine. The extracts of this plant are said to help cure intestine problems and swollen bellies. The mixture of Merremia tuberosa can also be consumed to reduce fever during the fasting periods. The plant is also so attractive more so its flowers and this is among the reason why some people grow it.

Hawaiian wood rose is considered problematic in various islands where it has damaged trees. This is because of its nature to grow in support of other trees taking all the sunlight, in turn, killing the trees. Merremia tuberosa has also been reported to be poisonous both to human and animals and should not be consumed in any circumstance. 

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