seeds of Michelia macclurei Dandy, Magnolia

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Michelia macclurei Dandy Samen
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Michelia macclurei Dandy, also called Michelia macclurei (Dandy) Figlar., is a plant species of the family Magnoliaceae (magnolia). Like other magnolia species, Michelia macclurei Dandy has its origins in the tropic and sub-tropic regions of Asia. Such areas include most of Southern China, Vietnam, and Indomalaya. The plant now grows in most parts of Asia and further west in Europe. The tree can grow to a height of 30 m and achieve a trunk diameter of 1 m. Michelia macclurei Dandy has a glabrous bark that lacks fissures and has a grey-white colour. The leaves are obovate and have a length of 7 to 18 cm and a width of 5 to 7 cm. The flowers of the plant lack a definitive calyx and corolla (A common trait in all magnolia species). As a consequence, the petal-like structures are known as tepals. Each flower is cup-shaped, large and has 9 to 12 white tepals. The plant is bisexual and has both male and female reproductive organs. Michelia macclurei Dandy is an ornamental plant that derives its value from its beautiful flowers, smooth bark, and lush foliage. One can count on finding the plant grown in parks, gardens and well-landscaped compounds. The plant can also be cultivated purely for its flowers which are ready once they bloom after which they are sent to the market. Michelia macclurei Dandy can also provide timber which is used to make furniture and in the construction of buildings. The leaves, owing to their size, are used to wrap food in parts of Japan. Michelia macclurei Dandy thrives in medium loamy soils with plenty of moisture. The soils can also be either slightly sandy or heavy clay. The soils should have good drainage, be fertile and have an ideal pH. The soils should be slightly acidic, slightly alkaline or neutral.
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