seeds of Mimosa hostilis, Jurema preta

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Mimosa hostilis, also called Jurema preta, is a species of shrub that is a member of the family Fabaceae. Synonyms include Acacia jurema, Momosa limana, and Mimosa tenuiflora. Other common names for Mimosa hostilis include Carbonal, Black Jurema, Calumbi, and Vinho de Jurema. Mimosa hostilis is native to several areas in North Eastern Brazil. Such areas include Bahia, Ceara, and Paraiba. Much of the plant's distribution is found in Central America and Mexico to the North. Mimosa hostilis can reach the five metre-mark in 5 years before later own achieving a maximum height of 8 metres. The plant has compound leaves that consist of up 15-33 pairs of leaflets. The leaves are 5 cm long while the leaflets have a length of 5 to 6 mm. Flowers are fragrant, white and take the appearance of tube-shaped spikes that are 4 to 8 cm long. The flowers later own produce brittle fruits that contain between 4 and six brown seeds. Extracts drawn from the leaves, bark, and stem of the tree have proved useful in the creation of various remedies. The extracts can be relied on to treat coughs, relieve toothaches and help in the healing of wounds and leg ulcerations. In addition to providing fodder that is much favoured by animals, Mimosa hostilis is capable of growing in dry conditions. The tree can, therefore, be counted upon to provide sustenance to animals during dry months. The leaves and pods are rich in proteins and other nutrients which makes them suitable food. An additional purpose served by the tree is a source of wood for fuel and construction Mimosa hostilis also has other positive aspects to be derived from planting it. The roots of the tree are useful in limiting soil erosion by binding the soil together. Moreover, the plant consistently sheds leaves which creates a layer of mulch that limits erosion while also fertilising the soil.
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