Ocimum americanum "Citridorum" Lemon Basil seeds

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Ocimum citridorum
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Ocimum americanum citridorum, Lemon Basil seeds


Ocimum americanun is an annual plant also known as American Basil. The plant is referred by synonyms such as Ocimum canum, Ocimum album, Ocimum dinteri, Ocimum branchiatum, Ocimum dichotomum,Ocimum fluminense, Ocimum fruitculosum, Ocimum hispidulum and Ocimum stamineum. American basil is a plant species in the family of Lamiaceae and Ocimum genus. Despite the name American basil the plant original habitat is traced back to Africa, China, Indian subcontinent and South East Asia.

Ocimum americanum is an all year herbaceous plant with white or lavender flowers. It is a green leafy plant and grows faster that other species of ocimum genus. It has several hairy stems with thick taproots to support them. Like stems, the leaves of American basil also grow in pairs at opposite each other. As the plant matures it begins to flower and its flowers are either purple or white in colour, growing up with sharp projecting points from the centre of its stems. When it starts to flower the leaves begin to decline as it concentrates growth on the flowers and people normally cut off the flower spikes as it appears to continue harvesting the leaves.

The American basil can be used for medicinal purposes. The species was traditionally used in India as herbal medicine. The recent study shows that the plant has a wide range of important oils which are rich in phenolic compounds as well as other natural products. The plant is also believed to contain useful components for treating arthritis known as beta-caryophyllene.

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