5000 seeds of Oenothera biennis, Weedy evening-primrose, German rampion, hog weed

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Oenothera biennis, Weedy evening-primrose seeds



Oenothera biennis or Weedy evening-primrose is a native plant to several regions of the United States. The plant belongs to Onagraceae family. Its synonym is Oenothera muricata. Apart from Weedy evening-primrose, the plant has other common names like Evening star and King’s cure-all. The plant grows to a height of 140cm and does well in well moist sandy places. For this reason, the plant is often noticed at the river banks.


Oenothera biennis plant is a biennial plant that has attractive flowers to the insects. The middle stem of the flower is usually light green and is covered with fine white hair. Leaves of the plant are light green and grow to 6inches long and 2-3 inches wide; they are often very small. These small leaves grow along the stem and are more like willow leaves. At the top of the stem, a cluster of light-yellow flowers forms having four petals, a prominent stamen and a long green calyx. Evening star has a mild lemon smell that attracts birds and insects. The plant bears narrow and long seedpods that form and split apart later to release small brown seeds. The flowers of the plant open in the evening and hence the name Weedy evening-primrose.


Oenothera biennis is hermaphrodite. The plant has both the male and female organs and therefore fertilises itself through pollination. The bright flowers of the plant produce nectar that attracts insects and birds. The seeds of the plant are dispersed by the wind and birds that feed on them and drop them whenever they can.


Most gardeners love Oenothera biennis plant because of its beautiful flowers hence considered an ornament. The plant is also used for medical purposes, the plant parts more so the leaves were boiled to tea and consumed by the native tribes. This way, it could treat laziness. The roots of the plant were also used externally to treat boils and piles. Today, the plant is still used for medication with its remedy reported to treat heart diseases and acne. The seeds of the plant can be squeezed to obtain oil that is used to reduce pains. All parts of the plant are as well edible by humans with its roots edible in its first years and its green stalks in the second year. The flower buds of the evening star can be eaten in a salad when harvested in June while still young.


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