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Angelica keiskei, also called ashitaba, is a flowering plant species that belongs to the family Apiaceae. Synonyms include Angelica utilis and Archaengelica kieskei. Angelica keiskei has its origins in Japan where the growth of the plant is most prevalent in the peninsulas of Izu, Miura, and Boso. Angelica keiskei grows to a maximum height that ranges from 50 to 120 cm. The plant has dissected leaves and white flowers that grow in Umbels. In addition to the stems and leaves being green, they also release a yellow sap in case of injury. The plant is a hermaphrodite and, therefore, possesses both male and female reproductive organs. The leaves, roots, and stipes are a popular delicacy for the Japanese who use them to make tempura, sochu, and soba. Additional foods include pasta and ice-cream. The plant parts also add a unique flavour to tea. The Japanese prize the plant for its supposed anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-diabetic properties. Moreover, many of the residents who live where Angelica keiskei is endemic credit the plant for their long healthy lives. In addition to being a good source of food for human beings, Angelica keiskei also counts as sufficient pasture for livestock. Many people believe that consuming the plant increases milk yield in cattle, but that belief remains unsubstantiated. Angelica keiskei is indigenous to coastal climes and thus, attempts to naturalise it have a high chance of succeeding if done in similar areas. In the event growing the plant around the coast is out of the question then the next best option is using a greenhouse.

The plant requires a minimum of 6 hours of sunshine every day to grow well. The seeds need a stratification to be able to start sprouting. Simply mix them with a bit moist soil and store that in the fridge for about 6 weeks. It is important to keep it moist during the whole process. After 6 weeks the seeds will be able to germinate once temperature is rising.

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