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Yellow Cayenne Chilli Pepper seeds


Yellow Cayenne Chilli, also called Golden Cayenne, is less common compared to its red counterpart. The two peppers are members of the Capsicum annum species and derive their name from an ancient corruption. The term Cayenne is believed to have originally been quiinia, a word belonging to the Tupi-speaking people of French Guyana. The Portuguese are believed to have transported the pepper to Asia where it was quickly embraced. Yellow Cayenne Chilli is now widely grown in countries such as Indonesia and China. Yellow Cayenne fruits are longer and smoother than Red Cayenne and can grow to a length of 6 inches. With regard to heat, time is a crucial factor.

The bigger the Yellow Cayenne is, the hotter it gets. One would, therefore, be well advised to give the peppers enough time to grow and mature. Unripe pods remain green in colour until they turn to a golden yellow once they ripen. Yellow Cayenne are sweeter than Red Cayenne but pack just as much heat or more given they tend to be bigger. Yellow cayenne is a useful ingredient in the making of salsas, hot sauces, jellies and soups. Planted Yellow Cayenne takes between 85 to 95 days to grow and mature before harvesting can be done. Each plant is capable of producing over 40 pods in one growth cycle.


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