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Coprosma nitida
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Coprosma nitida seeds


Coprosma nitida is a shrub species of the genus Coprosma which belongs to the family Rubiaceae. The common name for the plant is shining coprosma. The plant has its origins in Australia.

Coprosma nitida is an upright shrub that can grow to a height of 1 to 2 metres. The plant’s leaves are shiny, packed, and have a length of 5 to 21 mm and a width of 2 to 5 mm. The leaves are also narrow and oblong in shape. The plant’s flowers are small and green while the fruits are spherical and orange-red. The plant has both male and female flowers which grow on separate plants. Successful fertilisation will, therefore, require that at least two shrubs are planted. Coprosma nitida grows best in moist, well-drained soils that are rich in nutrients. The soils should also have a pH that’s either neutral or slightly acidic. The plant thrives both under direct sunlight and slight shade. An advantageous quality of the plant is that it can easily hybridize with other species within its genus. Another advantage is that the plant can cope well with regular pruning.

The plant’s fruits are edible and sweet-tasting. One can eat them raw, mix them with salads or cook them as desired. The early Australian settlers, for example, used the fruits to make pudding. One can also make use of the plant’s seeds by roasting them and using them to brew a potent coffee substitute. The plant’s wood is a rich source of yellow dye.

Coprosma nitida is also cultivated as an ornamental plant. The plant’s beauty derives from its beautiful flowers and bright orange-red fruits which vivify its appearance. The plant is, therefore, most beautiful when its flowers are in full bloom and its fruits are nearing maturity. The shrub is a regular fixture in front yards, parks, gardens, and beautified spaces.

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