spores of Cyathea medullaris, Black Tree Fern

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Cyathea medullaris is a tree fern species that has its origins in the South West Pacific. Synonyms of the plant include Pollipodium medullare, Cyathea affinis and Sphaeropteris medullaris. Cyathea medullaris, or the Black tree fern as it’s commonly known, is widely distributed across a wide region. The countries that fall under its reach include Fiji through Australia and Tahiti all the way to New Zealand. The plant’s fronds are large and can reach a length of 5m. The fronds are regularly shed in all trees except when they are still in their youthful phase. The tree trunk is black and has stipe bases all over its surface. These stripes are black, coarse, scaly and hexagonal in shape. The distinct attributes of the stripes make it easy to distinguish the Black tree fern from similar varieties. The pinnae have a scales with marginal spines on their underside and have a length that can range from 400cm to a metre. The trunks of Cyathea medullaris can provide material that can be used for makeshift trackwork as well as in construction. The plant is also widely used as an ornamental plant owing to its beauty. Cyathea medullaris is very sensitive to both strong winds and frost. The former will dismantle its fronds while the latter is deadly to the plant. The plant also thrives in the shade. It should be noted, however, that the shade should ideally be from the hot sun to achieve the right temperature balance. The plant prefers soils that are either moderately loamy or slightly sandy. The pH should either be neutral or slightly acidic or alkaline. The soil should also have plenty of moisture that is consistent all year round. Given its unique requirements, the best place to grow Cyathea medullaris would be in the woodland areas. The plant has a very slow growth rate and takes several years before it reaches maturity.
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