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Dicksonia fibrosa is a tree fern species that also goes by the names Dicksonia sparmanniana, Dicksonia Antarctica Var. Fibrosa and Balantium fibrosum. The origins of Dicksonia fibrosa, or as it is commonly called, the Jade green tree fern, can be traced to New Zealand. The areas of the country with the highest concentrations of the plant include Chatham Islands, Stewart, North Island and South Island. Dicksonia fibrosa grows at a very slow pace and takes a long time before it reaches its maximum height of 6m. The plant’s trunk soft to the touch, brown coloured, fibrous and is of considerable girth. Dicksonia fibrosa doesn’t shed off its dead leaves which end up forming a slowly-growing skirt around the plant’s base. This particular attribute easily differentiates the Jade green tree fern from related species. The plant has tough leaves (3 metres long) which are arched upwards and in doing so form a crown that has a diameter of 4 metres. The plant is mostly used for ornamental purposes given it has a capacity to enhance the aesthetic appeal of its surroundings. The plant prospers in soils that have high levels of humus and are consistently moist all year round. The ideal place to experience such conditions would ideally be in the shade. Coincidentally, the shade provides partial sunlight and mulled down heat which is perfect for the plant. Dicksonia fibrosa is very sensitive to frost and great steps must be taken to protect it during the winter months. One way to do so is through insulating the crown using straw that has been bound using chicken wire. One should also make sure to grow younger plants indoors during the winter season before moving them outdoors once summer sets in. Dicksonia fibrosa always serves as an effective substitute for D. antarctica whenever the latter is considered too big.
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