seeds of Erythrina variegata, Tiger's Claw

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Erythrina variegata, also known as tiger’s claw, is a plant species of the family Fabaceae. The plant’s synonyms include Erythrina indica, Erythrina variegata var. orientalis and Erythrina parcelii. Common names for the plant include sunshine tree, Indian coral tree, and murukku in Tamil. The plant has its origins in the tropical and subtropical locations present in Northern Australia, Eastern Africa, and India. One can also find the plants in the Pacific and Indian Ocean islands. Erythrina variegata is a deciduous tree that grows to a height of 27 metres. Each leaf is pinnate and comprises several leaflets that can grow to a length of 20 cm. Flowers are either crimson or scarlet and grow in clusters. The seeds are black. Erythrina variegata is a popular ornamental tree owing to its decorative effects to areas in need of beautification. The tree’s strengths lie in its beautiful leaves and flowers that easily stand out in every setting. The additional fact that the flowers attract bees, butterflies, and birds only serves to amplify the plant’s attractiveness. Erythrina variegata is also a reliable source of herbal medicine in India and the Philippines. The remedies’ uses include the treatment of menstrual failures and the removal of penile fissures. A non-medical use of the plant’s leaves involves the wrapping of fermented meat in Vietnam. The leaves together with young shoots are edible and one can either cook them on their own or mix them with curry. The tree serves as an ideal hedge plant as well as a provider of shade for crops that can’t cope with the sun’s heat, e.g., coffee and cocoa. A corollary of growing the plant is the extent to which it enriches the soil with nitrogen and mulch from its falling leaves. One can, therefore, rely on the plant to steadily reclaim degraded soils. The tree’s propagation is viable through both seeds and cuttings.
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