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Fragaria vesca, also known as wild strawberry, is a herbaceous plant species of the family Rosaceae. Plant synonyms include Fragaria abnormis, Fragaria aliena, and Fragaria botryformis. Other common names for the plant include alpine strawberry, Fraise du Bois, woodland strawberry, European strawberry, and Carpathian strawberry. The plant is well distributed in the northern hemisphere. Fragaria vesca is upright and can grow to a height of 15 to 30 cm. The plant’s leaves are light green, serrated at the margins and have hairy undersides. Flowers, on the other hand, are bisexual, white and have a diameter of 1.3 cm. Fruits are aromatic, semi-globular and either red or yellow. The fruits contain small prominent seeds. The fruits are edible and one can either eat them raw or cook them. Each fruit is sweet and succulent and serves as a reliable ingredient in many dishes. The leaves are edible as well, and one has the choice to either cook them or add them to salads. An additional use of the leaves is in making tea. Roots, on the other hand, are an ideal coffee replacement. Fragaria vesca is a source of herbal medicine that allegedly has diuretic, tonic, astringent and laxative effects. Such remedies help in treating rheumatic gout, chilblains, chronic dysentery, and diarrhoea. A common use of the plant involves drying it to make a powder which is then added to a compost heap to catalyse bacterial action. Such a move results in faster compost production. The fruit is a useful ingredient in the manufacture of skin care creams that soothe sunburns, improve skin tone and reduces wrinkles. Fragaria vesca thrives in well-drained, fertile soils that retain plenty of moisture. The plant also prefers growing under direct sunlight. The plant could also grow in the shade, but that would significantly affect fruit production. Fragaria vesca requires 100 to 120 days to grow, mature and be ready for harvesting.
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