seeds of Pachypodium rosulatum, Elephant’s Foot Plant

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Pachypodium rosulatum, also known as the Elephant’s foot plant, is a member of the family Apocynaceae. The plant’s synonyms include Pachypodium cactipes, Pachypodium drakei, and Pachypodium rosulatum drakei. Pachypodium rosulatum is originally from the central plateau of Madagascar and is presently widely distributed throughout the island. This plant species was the first in its genus to be identified in Madagascar. Pachypodium rosulatum is only capable of growing to a height of 1.5 metres. The plant has a unique bottle-like shape and a silvery-brown trunk from which grow multiple arms. A rosette of leaves sprouts at the end of the thick arms which gives the plant its shrub-like appearance. Flowers have a sulphur-yellow colour and find support on a long-stalked inflorescence that can reach 30 cm. The plant's fruits can reach lengths of between 6 and 20 inches and carry long seeds. The lush, shiny leaves along with its beautiful yellow flowers make Pachypodium rosulatum a suitable ornamental plant. The added fact that the plant easily adapts to harsh conditions provides an additional benefit given it will be easy to maintain. Pachypodium rosulatum is capable of withstanding sub-zero temperatures during the winter season. The endurance, however, doesn’t extend to frost which can have some harmful effects on the plant. The trunk stores water which can be relied upon in case there is a dip in supply. The plant’s adaptive abilities also extend to its roots which are thick, tuberous and thus able to borrow deep into the soil for water. Thus, the plant is well suited for hot, dry conditions as well. Pachypodium rosulatum prefers gritty soils with exceptional drainage. In case one chooses to pot the plant, it is advisable to perforate its outer surface to allow water to pass through. Doing so will prevent the excess moisture from rotting the plant’s roots. Pachypodium rosulatum sheds it leaves and becomes dormant during the winter.
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