seeds of Phalaris aquatica, Harding grass or Bulbous Canary grass

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Phalaris aquatica, also known as Harding grass or bulbous canary grass, is a grass species of the family Poaceae. Synonyms of the grass include Phalaris nodosa, Phalaris tuberosa L and Phalaris tuberosa L. var. stenoptera. The plant has its origins in Northern Africa, The Canary and Madeira Islands as well as Southern Europe. Successful naturalisation has been a rousing success in Australia, The United Kingdom, The United States, and New Zealand among other countries. Phalaris aquatica is a slow grower when germinating, but the pace increases the older the plant gets. The plant is upright and grows to waist-level. Leaves have a green colour that can be either slightly grey or blue. Each leaf is smooth, has a reddish sheath, and can grow to lengths of 40 cm. Flowering heads are thorny, compact and have a length of between 2 and 5 inches. Seeds are glossy, glabrous, cream-coloured and have a length of 3 mm. Phalaris aquatica is a favoured pasture amongst livestock which can be let loose on the land to graze. One can also cut them to serve as fodder for the animals for the sake of supplementing their diet. Depending on how fertile the soils are, Phalaris aquatica can be an unfailing source of fodder for between 8 and 12 months annually. Phalaris aquatica is considered an invasive species in several countries given the negative effect it has on native grasses. The invasiveness is most pronounced in riparian, grassland and woodland habitats. The United States, on the other hand, rather than lament the plant’s invasiveness, chose to embrace the plant’s expansive abilities. Phalaris aquatica spreads quickly and maintains its cover longer than most grass varieties. Thus, the plant is regularly introduced to various grass ranges to improve them. While some Phalaris species are poisonous to animals, Phalaris aquatica has always been safe for livestock.
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