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Solanum laciniatum, commonly called kangaroo apple, is a plant species of the family Solanaceae. Synonyms include Solanum avicular var. laciniatum, Solanum pinnatifidum, and Solanum pinnatifolium. Other common names for the plant include large-flowered kangaroo apple and cut-leaf-kangaroo-apple. Solanum laciniatum is native to New Zealand and South Eastern Australia. The places in South Eastern Australia where the plant grows include Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria. Solanum laciniatum is a shrub that can grow to a height of 3m. The shrub has a smooth purple stem that only has hairs in shoot or bud form. Leaves are dark-green and can reach lengths of 30 cm. Flowers, on the other hand, are dark-purple and have a width of 3 to 5 cm. The flowers have five petals and grow in clusters of three to five. Solanum laciniatum produces warty, yellow-orange berries that are 2 to 3 cm long. The berries are edible and can be harvested for food once they are ripe. It is important, however, not to eat the fruits when they’re unripe given they tend to be poisonous. The best time to pick the fruit is, therefore, when it falls off the tree. While unripe berries may be poisonous, they, however, are a rich source of steroids and are of great importance to the pharmaceutical industry. Solanum laciniatum grows fast in warm climates, and one can use it as both a hedge and an ornamental. One can cultivate the plant in large numbers to prevent soil erosion and serve as a windbreak. Solanum laciniatum is a hardy plant that is capable of growing in different soil types. One can even grow the plant when attempting to reclaim soils that have high concentrations of heavy metals. Solanum laciniatum has a lifespan that lasts 5 to 6 years. One can, however, grow it as an annual.
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