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Tagetes lucida, also called Tagetes anethina or Tagetes florida Sweet, is a perennial plant that has its origins in Central America and Mexico. The plant is commonly referred to using a couple of names including Mexican marigold, Mexican tarragon and Mexican mint marigold. The cultivation of Tagetes lucida has spread from its native land to the USA in the North. Widespread cultivation also happens in South America all the way to Argentina. Tagetes lucida is a plant that oscillates in form and appearance from being bushy to being upright. The plant can grow to a height of between 46 and 76 cm tall. When summer comes around the plant sprouts a number of small flower heads that are yellow in colour. The flower heads, which appear in clusters, measure 1.3 cm wide and have golden florets that number from 3 to 5. The leaves have a medium colour, and have a shape that lingers between linear and oblong. The leaves, which measure 7.6 cm long, can be used to flavour soups. The dried leaves along with the flower heads can also be used to add that special anise flavour to tea. The flavouring of the tea serves a double purpose given it also has a medicinal function. The use of Tagetes lucida in this fashion happens primarily in Central America and Mexico. The flowers can provide a yellow dye. The rest of the plant can be burnt to produce the incense necessary to repel insects. A good number of Argentinians rely on the leaves to alleviate coughs while many Indians used it in the treatment of eczema. Tagetes lucida is a hermaphrodite that can be insect pollinated. The plant thrives in well-drained soils and under plenty of sunlight. While the plant can still grow in poor soil, fertilising it makes for a healthier and sturdier plant. It takes between 80 and 90 days for the plant to grow and reach maturity.
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