Trinidad Scorpion red Chili pepper seeds - very hot

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Trinidad Scorpion red pepper seeds

The Trinidad Scorpion red Chili was bred from Capsicum chinese and has its origin, as one can already suggest from its name, on the Caribbean island Trinidad. The plant can be also found on Tobago.
The Trinidad Scorpion gets in average 60 to 80 cm high and quite bushy. Some ambitious growers were able to grow plants that were 2 m high. But that is rather uncommon.

The flowers of the Trinidad Scorpion are inconsiderable small and greenish. The fruits of the Trinidad Scorpion red Chili in contrast are flashy red. They are roundish but taper. Due to that it looks like the fruit has a spike. That is why the Chili has the word "Scorpion" in its name. The spike is associated with the mostly poisonous sting of a scorpion.

The fruits are very hot. Already the unripe green fruit is very hot. The ripe fruit can reach 1,5 million Scoville. Due to that fact the Trinidad Scorpion Chili was for some time the hottest Chili in the world.

If one works and cooks with this chili one should always wear gloves. Eating the chili should be done with care and only in very small amounts. It is necessary to keep the plant and especially the fruits away from kids. Also contact with the eyes should be avoided. The Trinidad Scorpion chili bears many fruits. The germination duration can strongly vary. Sometimes the first seedlings emerge after just one week. Sometimes it takes more time. Put in water or tea before planting the seeds can raise germination success because this process might kill some pathogens. The substrate should be kept moist and the surrounding temperature should not fall below 25°C.  


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