seeds of Pachypodium horombense, Madagascar Palm

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Pachypodium horombense, also called Pachypodium rosulatum var. horombense, is one of several species of the genus Pachypodium. Madagascar is the native home of the plant along with its closest relatives in the genus. A considerable population of the plant can grow in the Horombe plateau in Southern Madagascar. Common names for the plant include the Yellow bell pachypodium and Horombe clubfoot. Pachypodium horombense has a conspicuous bottle shape with several arms at the top of it. Each of these arms is thick and has a rosette of leaves above it. This succulent plant, which has spines all over its branches and trunk, can reach a height of 1.5 metres. The rosette also has a long inflorescence that is the site of growth for 3 to 10 flowers. Each flower is gold in colour and cup-shaped. The leaves, on the other hand, are thick, shiny, dark green and have a yellowish midrib. The tree trunk serves as a storage location for water for use during the dry periods of the year. Pachypodium horombense is one of the most beautiful species within its genus. It, therefore, follows that it’s also an impressive ornamental plant. The beautiful rosette of leaves coupled with its eye-catching golden flowers makes it a useful addition to any garden or front yard. It’s important to ensure that excessive moisture isn’t present in the soil during the winter season given that might lead to rotting of the roots. Ideal soils for the plant should be gritty, well drained and be slightly acidic. Pachypodium horombense is cold-sensitive, and one should shield it from extremes of the same. However, if the conditions are mild, then the plant can survive the winter season provided the soil is kept completely dry. Pachypodium horombense tends to shed its leaves and go dormant during the winter season.
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