Panax ginseng seeds, Korean Ginseng stratified

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Panax ginseng seeds, Korean Ginseng


"Panax Ginseng, also known as Korean Ginseng, is a wild perennial plant, which grows in the northern part of China and North Korea, particularly in cold climatic environments. This is one of the plants most respected and well-known Eastern medicine, Panax ginseng seeds, already stratified and viablewhere it is known as ""man's root"" because of the unique shape reminiscent of a human figure. Ginseng has a thick root, which has a sweet-bitter taste and a delicate yet slightly warming effect. The plant reaches its best quality and gains a variety of medicinal properties only after seven years of growth in worthy growing conditions, allowing it to develop and consolidate the optimal structure and become great-looking and solid. These features work on the body in a unique way of collecting, consolidating and firming weak and tone loose tissue, which have lost the ability of independent sustainability (such as organ prolapse situations, for example in hemorrhoids). Since the 1960's, the subject of ginseng appeared in numerous scientific studies, which demonstrated the overall qualities of it influencing the whole body rather than a specific organ or system.

Korean Ginseng affects the central nervous system and regular hormonal activity, through its effects on the hypothalamus that cause a chain reaction action: the hypothalamus instructs the pituitary gland to release the hormone ACTH, in response the adrenal glands releases the hormone cortisone. Hence ginseng helps streamline metabolism and increases the level of energy levels in the body. In this way, the plant supports and helps the body to adapt and cope are under momentary stress in everyday life , and under long-term stress ,in which the body is required to invest considerable mental and physical effort and. Yet, that does not come in conflict with the profound level of activity of the cell metabolism level. This proof, in fact, corresponds to the traditional Chinese approach that attributed ginseng with higher medical capabilities than any other tonic plants, as its main quality is renewing the functioning of the organism as a whole. The creation of such an effect has no corresponding pharmacological or therapeutic equivalent in conventional medicine.

The Chinese tend to take the plant on a regular basis, starting at age 35 as dried powder or an extract, and are willing to pay a fortune for a good quality root, which in most cases, will be on show at home and will be used for medical purposes only in emergency cases that are particularly difficult. Quality tests that exist in the world today are unable to provide definitive answer regarding the plant's benefits. Often, people use the roots before they ripen, without allowing it to evolve and gain enough energy to complete the optimal root structure which gives ginseng its medical benefits. Also, it might be exposed to dangerous pesticides and some fakes are even sold in Korea. This is why Korea implemented a strict state law specifying the right upbringing, and hence goods exported from this source are of a high-quality, and are the most expensive in the world that exists today.

Those seeds we sell are completely stratified and will immediately be ready for plantation. Please keep in mind that Ginseng usually grows in the forest, without direct sunlight. Sun will kill or harm your plants and therefor they have to be planted in a shady environement and a well drained soil to avoid stagnant moisture what will cause them to rot fast

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