Panax quinquefolius, 30 American Ginseng seeds

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Panax quinquefolium, 30 seeds

American Ginseng is native to North America, and more famous as a native to Chinese Tartary and Manchuria. The root is American ginseng seeds available hereconsidered a miraculous remedy to all kinds of diseases in Chinese medicine. This virtue lends it its generic name, Panax, derived from the Greek for panacea. Common synonyms include the King of Herbs, Aralia quinquefolia, Five Fingers, Tartar Root, Red Berry, Man's Health and Part Used-Root. It is cultivated across eastern Asia, in Korea and Japan.

Ginseng has been regarded as an elixir vitae and among the most precious of nutritional supplements in China for thousands of years. In North America ginseng was used by the American Indians, and discovered in the 18th century, first in Quebec, and then from New England down the Appalachian Mountains to Georgia and west as far as Wisconsin. For over 200 years wild ginseng was the second largest export from the U.S., second only to furs. This market was driven entirely by Asia and China.

Over harvesting almost drove wild ginseng to extinction, and so most wild ginseng hunters make a practice of planting the seeds of the plant after digging up the root. Even so, the wild variety is scarce and difficult to find.

The word ginseng is said to mean ""the wonder of the world.""

The plant grows in rich woods throughout eastern and central North America, especially along the mountains. It is a smooth perennial herb, with a large, fleshy, very slow-growing root that is typically 5 to 8 cm in length (but occasionally twice this size) and from 1 to 3 cm in thickness. Its main portion is spindle-shaped and shows heavy annulation (ringed growth), which reveals that the roots are typically harvested at an age of 3 or 4 years. The root has a roundish summit, often with a slight terminal, projecting point. At the lower end of this straight portion is a narrower section, turned obliquely outward in the opposite direction. Occasionally, an additional, very small branch is borne in the fork between the two. Some small roots exist upon the lower portion. The root colour ranges from a pale yellow to a brownish colour. It has a fleshy, sticky sweetness, approaching that of liquorice, accompanied with some degree of bitterness and a slight aromatic warmth, with little or no smell.

The single stem is erect and about 30 high, bearing three leaves, each divided into five finely-toothed leaflets, and a single, terminal umbel, with a few small, yellowish flowers that develop in June and July. They are followed by the fruit, which is a cluster of bright red berries bearing seeds.

Medical benefits, to humans and animals including dogs, are said to include increased resistance to stress and effects on metabolism, skin and muscle tone, and hormonal balance.

Those seeds we sell are completely stratified and will immediately be ready for plantation. Please keep in mind that Ginseng usually grows in the forest, without direct sunlight. Sun will kill or harm your plants and therefor they have to be planted in a shady environement and a well drained soil to avoid stagnant moisture what will cause them to rot fast

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