seeds of Papaver somniferum giganteum, Poppy

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Papaver somniferum giganteum Samen
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Papaver somniferum-giganteum, also called the opium poppy, is a plant species of the family Papaveraceae. The plant’s synonyms include Papaver somniferum var. somniferum, Papaver album, and Papaver setigerum. The other more common name for the plant is breadseed poppy. The plant has its origins in the Eastern Mediterranean. The ease with which one can introduce the plant to new habitats led to extensive worldwide distribution. Papaver somniferum-giganteum can grow to a height of 100 cm. The plant has a greyish-green colouration with the stem and the hairs exhibiting hairs on their surface. The leaves are lobed while the flowers have a pink and white colouration and a diameter of 10 cm. The plant’s fruits occur in the form of capsules that radiate either a fluted cap or stigmatic rays. Pricking any part of the plant will immediately lead to a white sap oozing out. The plant’s seeds serve as a rich source of opium oil which has an assortment of uses. The seeds barely have any opiate concentration and are, therefore, safe for use. In addition to being safe, the seeds are also edible and are used to decorate pastries. The nuts have a notable nutty, creamy flavour and can create an excellent curry base when mixed with ground coconuts. Alternatively, one can grind and roast the seeds into a powder which is used in the preparation of dry or wet curry paste. Papaver somniferum-giganteum contains several alkaloids which go by the name opiates. Such opiates include codeine, morphine, oripavine, and noscapine. These alkaloids, present in the plant latex, have sedative properties which make them useful to the pharmacological sector. Once extracted, the opiates are used in the manufacture of drugs which are useful in a variety of medical procedures and treatments. The plant takes no less than 120 days to grow till maturity.
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