seeds of Papaver somniferum-Hungarian Blue Opium Poppy

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Papaver somniferum-Hungarian Blue Samen
Papaver somniferum-Hungarian Blue is one among several cultivars of the species Papaver somniferum. Synonyms for the plant include Papaver album, Papaver setigerum, and Papaver somniferum var. somniferum. Papaver somniferum-Hungarian Blue has its origins in the Eastern Mediterranean and has over time spread widely to different parts of the world. The leading producers of the cultivar include Turkey and Spain. Papaver somniferum-Hungarian Blue can reach a maximum height of 100 cm. The plant’s leaves and stem have coarse hairs on their surface which are distributed all over the plant. Should any part of the plant be pierced, white latex will ooze out of the said part. Flowers have a slightly blue colour and a dominant purple colour. The flowers first take the appearance of a bud before assuming their proper appearance and opening up into a bowl shape. The petals later on fall off leaving behind a pod which is then ready for harvest. Papaver somniferum-Hungarian Blue is a popular crop for three main reasons. The first one is as a source of edible seeds which are in high demand in the worldwide market. The second reason being as a source of opium which is necessary for the manufacture of various drugs in the pharmaceutical industry. Examples of drugs made from opium are codeine and morphine. The above-stated reasons account for most of the cultivar’s worldwide cultivation. The third reason is the plant’s cultivation for ornamental reasons. One can eat the seeds as they are or mill them with sugar to make filling which provides a rich flavour while also assisting in the decoration of cakes. Another use is in the making of wet and dry curry once the seeds are roasted or ground. Papaver somniferum-Hungarian Blue grows best in fertile well-drained soils and under sunny conditions. The plant takes no less than 120 days to grow and reach maturity.
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