seeds of Papaver somniferum-lilac pompom Opium Poppy

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Papaver somniferum-lilac pompom is a cultivar of the species Papaver somniferum which is a member of the family Papaveraceae. Synonyms of the plant include Papaver album, Papaver setigerum, and Papaver somniferum var. somniferum. Like the cultivars in its genus, Papaver somniferum-lilac pompom has its origins in the Eastern Mediterranean region. The consequent naturalisation has led to the cultivar successfully growing in most of Europe and Australia. Papaver somniferum-lilac pompom has a greenish-grey colouration all over its hairy surface. The plant can grow to a height of 39 inches (100 cm) during which it will sprout hairy lobed leaves. The flowers are more dark purple than they are blue and have a diameter of 30 to 100 mm. Pollination and eventual fertilisation will lead to the dropping of the petals which leave behind a seedpod. Unlike the rest of the plant, the pod has a smooth rounded surface. The one characteristic that is shared by all parts of the plant as they will exude latex if pierced. The seeds of Papaver somniferum-lilac pompom have a flavour that lingers between nutty and creamy. Thus, there is a huge demand for the seeds all over the world and high production rates to match the demand as well. One can eat the seeds as they are or they can be roasted and used to make curry. Alternatively, one can also incorporate the seeds among the ingredients one uses when baking. Papaver somniferum-lilac pompom is one of the primary sources of opium. A substance used by the pharmaceutical industry to make some drugs like codeine and morphine. Another substantial use of the plant is as an ornamental plant. The beautiful foliage and flowers give it an eye-catching quality that is useful when decorating. Papaver somniferum-lilac pompom takes over 120 days before it reaches maturity and delivers fruits.
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