Passiflora auriculata, PassionFlower seeds

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Passiflora auriculata, Passion-flower seeds


Passiflora auriculata belongs to the family of the Passifloraceae, the passion flowers. It is native to Central America and South America. There it occurs until 1500 m above sea level. P. auriculata grows as a perennial climbing plant. It needs something to entwind around with its tendrils. The leaves of Passiflora auriculata are roundish, but they are tapered. They have a short petiole that gets 1,5 cm long. The leaves of P. auriculata reach a length between 7 and 15 cm and get 4 to 10 cm wide. They can be slightly pubescent. One can mostly see 3 leaf veins that are parallel. The flowers are inconsiderable whitish and greenish and have an aureola which is typically for the family of the Passifloraceae. The flowers stand in pairs in the leaf axialla. The flowers open mostly all at the same time. They have a very fruity and pleasant odor. The flower bud is small and green. The fruits of P. auriculata are small and round. They are first green and get deeply black when they are ripening. The fruit reaches 2 cm in diameter. The fruit contains the seed that are 3 mm long and light brown.



The seeds of P. auriculata should be put for 2 days into warm water. After that they can be planted into the substrate. At a temperature of about 25°C and constantly moist substrate, germination occurs after 1 month. Sometimes it occurs even earlier. P. auriculata is not winter hardy and should be kept inside during winter.

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