Paulownia Hybrid 9503, Foxglove-tree seeds

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Paulownia Hybrid 9503

We are sorry to say that we had to stop selling these seeds because it seems that our supplier now decided to scam us und send some common Paulownia seeds. The only Hybrids we are able to offer from a reliable source are our P. Shantong root cuttings

Paulownia Hybrid 9503 Paulownia Hybrid 9503 belongs to the family of the Paulowniaceae, the empress trees. Paulownia Hybrid 9503 is native to China. It can occur in heights from 200 to 3500 m. Paulownia Hybrid 9503 is a Chinese variety of known species. The Hybrid is better in various ways. It is much more resistant to pathogens and has an especially high potential to adapt to different surroundings. Furthermore Paulownia Hybrid 9503 is cold resistant down to temperatures of minus 25°C. In addition it can tolerate dry periods. Paulownia Hybrid 9503 grows as a tree that gains height especially in the first year. After 1 year it can already be 3 m high. The wood has a high quality and can be used in various ways. Paulownia 9503 can be used as an ornamental plant but it's best usage is for highly valuable wood production. The leaves of Paulownia Hybrid 9503 are big and slightly pubescent. The build a big treetop and so the tree can create wonderful shady places. The flowers are trumpet- shaped and are clustered in inflorescences. They are violet to blue and have a very pleasant odor. The fruit is a capsule that contains the various winged seeds.


Germination and growing of Paulownia 9503 is equal to the process explained for Paulownia Shan-Tong

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