seeds of Phalaris canariensis, Canary grass

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Phalaris canariensis, also known as Canary grass, is one among many grass species of the family Poaceae. The plant’s synonyms include Phalaris avicularis and Phalaris canariensis var. nigra. Like other grass species within its genus, Phalaris canariensis is originally from the Mediterranean region. The species then spread throughout Europe before being introduced to different continents. Phalaris canariensis is quite large given it can reach heights of between 0.6 to 1.8 metres. The stems are upright, coarse but hairless and provide support for leaves that have a similar coarseness. The tapering leaves are flat, wide and can reach lengths of up to 25 cm. The plant’s flowers appear in purple or green-coloured clusters before a tan sets in and alters the colour. The ligule protrudes and is full of membranes. Seeds from the grass serve as bird food. More often than not, the seeds are put together with other seeds, e.g., rapeseed before being fed to birds. One should ensure, however, that the seeds are safe from pests and harmful moist conditions. Another use of the plant is in the making of silk and cotton goods. The making of such goods is achievable through incorporating flour from the ground seeds into the process. Human beings can also cook the seeds too along with the leaves. The seeds can be ground, and the flowers used to make either porridge or used in baking cakes and in preparing puddings. Large fields of Phalaris canariensis also serve as ideal grazing grounds for livestock. One could alternatively feed the grass to animals as fodder to supplement their diet. Phalaris canariensis doesn’t present much difficulty with regard to its cultivation given it can grow in a variety of soil types. Moreover, it is a hardy plant that is capable of withstanding dry and wet conditions as well as cold and hot ones.
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