Plinia sp. "Shawi", really rare seeds!!!

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Plinia sp. “Shawi”, really rare species!

Plinia sp. „Shawi“
Plinia belongs to the family of the Myrtaceae. The plant is native to Southamerica and is also known as Shawi.
Pilina grows as a tree and reaches a height of about 5 to 12 m. The leaves are simple, elliptic and glossy at the upper side. They get 7 to 18 cm long and 1 to 4 cm wide. The numerous stamens are quite eye catching.
The fruits are, depending on the species, yellow or red in color. They reach 10 to 12 cm in diameter. The fruits are edible. Its taste is described as a mixture of mango and papaya. The fruit contains just one or two seeds.
Pilina fructifies very late. It can last 12 years from germination until one can harvest the first fruits. The fruits are very fast overripe and start to ferment. Due to that fact, fresh fruits are rarely sold on markets. It is more common to produce jam or vine from the fruits.

The seeds of Shawi should be planted fast because they dont stay viable for a long time. The seeds are so called recalcitrant seeds that should not dry out. The seeds can be put into the substrate without any pretreatment. The substrate can also contain sand. When the substrate is kept moist at a temperature form about 25°C germination occurs after 5 to 12 weeks. Pilina needs very much water. The adult plant should be watered regularly.

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